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Clinical Supervision is a form of "extra-vision". It is a collaborative working alliance between two or more professionals conducted in a safe and supportive environment that allows the supervisee to offer an account of their work, reflect on it, receive feedback and set goals to achieve their long and short term professional development objectives.

The work of the supervisor is to challenge and stretch the learning and professional growth of the supervisee; to enable the supervisee to gain in ethical competency as stipulated by the professional guidelines set by their work place and professional association; grow in confidence; and grow in creativity in order to give the best possible service to their client(s).

Where the supervisor has significant concerns about the professional practice and psychological welfare of the supervisee, a discussion will be held, and a plan of action to address the issues will be implemented. This may include (where required) notifying the supervisee's workplace manager and/or member of their professional association.

Who are the supervisors?

The Professional Supervision and Coaching Centre clinical supervisors are registered members with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and Australian Psychological Society (APS). All supervisors have completed supervision training, and adhere to practice principles of Michael Carroll and Tony Morrison's integrated models of supervision. These models view the supervision as a forum for reflection, accountability, and experiential learning drawing on the reflection-on-action and reflection-in-action cycle.

What happens in the first session?

The first session is free of charge. It is a half hour consultation which provides you the opportunity to inform us about your professional development needs to advance your learning and career. This session allows us, in collaboration with you, to establish which supervisor will be the best fit to meet your needs.

What happens next?

If you wish to proceed with supervision, an individual contract between you and your supervisor will be completed, and a professional development plan will be developed to assist with future sessions. All supervisors are flexible in their approach and understand the need to respond to circumstances outside the professional development plan, as they arise for the supervisee. 

All supervisees are provided with a copy of a case presentation framework to guide and prompt them in their reflective practice pre and post sessions.

A two way evaluation is built into the supervision arrangement to assess and review the working alliance between the supervisee and supervisor and to explore progress toward the desired outcomes for the supervisee, client, organisation and relevant stakeholders.

What does it cost?

Our fees are set in accordance with the recommended fee schedule of the professional associations. We offer reduced fees for students on placement and supervisees working part time.

Please phone 03 9999 7482 or email for bookings and enquiries

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