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Professional coaching is a collaborative endeavour between two professionals, established for the purpose of enhancing skills, performance capabilities, life experience and wellbeing of the coachee.

Coaching entails the coach taking the coachee through a set structure using a combination of techniques including observation, active listening, exploratory questioning and challenge.

Coaching process and structure

1. Initial Meeting

The coach meets with the coachee to provide an overview, answer any questions about the coaching arrangement, and discuss confidentiality and its limitations. The coach will also ensure compatibility is assessed. This meeting may include the manager or HR representative from the coachee's organisation if appropriate.

2. Assessment

Once the coachee has been assigned  to a coach, he/she will have an assessment interview to determine his/her needs and establish the key purpose of the coaching arrangement.

3. Goals

The coach in collaboration with the coachee post the assessment interview will identify both professional and personal goals; and help the coachee develop a set of goals that he/she is motivated to achieve via the coaching process. 

4. Strategies

The coach will develop a plan that clearly maps out the strategies required to attain the goals. This plan provides a sense of direction and purpose to the coaching sessions and enables progress to be monitored along the way.

5. Committed Action 

At the end of each coaching session, the coach will identify tasks for the coachee to complete between sessions to help reach his/her full potential.

6. Accountability 

In each session the conversations are focused on what was learned in delivering on the commitments (in-between session tasks) and what new behaviours or ways of thinking are required. These insights sustain the new thinking needed to achieve positive change.

7. Completion Report

At the end of the coaching relationship, the coach will complete a report evaluating the progress made in relation to the goals and provide a set of recommendations for the coachee to help maintain or progress his/her development further.

8. Review Meeting

A two (coach/coachee) or three way meeting (which includes the organisation representative) is held to discuss and evaluate the influence of the coaching sessions on professional development and review information within the evaluation report.

Please phone 03 9999 7482 or email for bookings and enquiries

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