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Family Violence Supervision

Clinical Supervision for Family Violence Practitioners
PS&CC supervisors have experience in the provision of family violence case management and counselling.  This experience coupled with their specialist knowledge of key legislative, policy, practice and theoretical frameworks informs their clinical supervision approach with family violence practitioners. 

Clinical supervision with family violence practitioners addresses the following capabilities:

  1. Effective engagement skills with affected family members and respondents, including those from CALD and Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities.

  2. Identification and assessment of current and future family violence risk.

  3. Managing risk and complex needs with the support of multidisciplinary teams.

  4. Promoting accountability and the establishment of change-promoting relationships with perpetrators of family violence.

  5. Professional boundaries and the need to work within established protocols and procedures of their organisation.

  6. Practitioner wellbeing and self-care.

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